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Dancing For The Dream Donation Page - The Instructor Fund and/or Dancing For The Dream 501c3 Nonprofit Health Charity
                                          Coming - Our 2012 Financials

January Ft Myers, FL (Profit)                                                    February 12th, Tempe AZ (Loss)
April 9th, Villa Rica GA
(Loss)                                                  May 14th, Rocklin CA (Profit)
May 21st, Montgomery AL
(Loss)                                         August 13th, Asheville NC (Profit)            
October 15th, Harrison Twp MI (Loss)                                 October 22nd, Peabody MA (Loss)

Ongoing Monthly Expenses: Staff for phones / databases, Office Rent, Utilities, Internet, Banking Fees for CC Terminal, Insurance, Accounting Fees per year $1800, License to operate in USA & Internationally, 5 Medic Life Alerts, Groceries for Seniors in Crisis, our 800 #, Staff for databases, Auto Maintenance, Music Downloads. Thank you for your donations outside of attending a Dancing For The Dream Line Dance Seminar to help support these ongoing expenses and projects.

The Dancing For The Dream Corporation; a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit was founded in 2003 and is the brain child of two ladies who have worked together for over 16 years; Jo Thompson Szymanski and Ms Scooter Lee. Scooter Lee founded the charity for the purpose of promoting health physically and emotionally through low-impact line dancing as you age. She is currently the CEO and Jo Thompson Szymanski's role is Dance Consultant and Instructor.

We use line dance as our chosen form of exercise, gathering statistics on the movements during country western line dance that can injure or enhance a person’s health over the age of 45. Our goal is to record what level of line dance (Beginner, Intermediate or Experienced) will keep long term health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase balance control and centering, increase bone mass and mobility without joint damage. 

We have proven that low impact line dancing for those over the age of 45 can ease levels of depression and in some cases stave off early signs of Alzheimer’s.

The Dancing For The Dream Fund was established to help those in our professional community that are devastated due to illness or disease that requires more finances than they have. Jo Thompson Szymanski was our 1st recipient. We are adding years to your life to your years!  Once your money is donated, it will appear on your statement as Dancing For The Dream, Inc and that money will be used to continue our work in making a difference in the life of an aging adult using line dance as our chosen form of exercise. To see how much money has been raised and what it is being spent for, we have added a link to our finances below in a PDF format.

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Those who Donate -

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