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Welcome to our Newsletter for Scooter Lee, the Mainstream Touring Artist and her charity, The Dancing For The Dream Senior Health Seminars.  Ms Scooter Lee is the World's Leader for Recorded Country Music and Music for Line Dancers.  Her Charity, The Dancing For The Dream is a 501(c)3 National Nonprofit Charity using line dancing as it's chosen form of exercise. The focus of the charity is to add years to your life and life to your years one step at a time.

We will send out Newsletters on current specials we are selling, current festivals and health seminars Scooter will be appearing at as well as what's new and changing in the line dance world around the world. We will have a special section for Instructors and a special section for Newbies.
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We'll be adding a page shortly for Radio DJ's to download Scooter's Songs in High Quality so they can play them on the radio.  We are a work in progress and we appreciate your support.